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According to the tourism pocket guide South Africa at a Glance (2016-2017), 24.8 million South Africans make calls over the Internet while only 4.3 million still use a landline. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is increasingly becoming an affordable and widely available service, so it is a viable option for small business owners. Whether your business relies on telephony-based communication, such as a call centre, or you simply want to get your hands on a reliable communication service, then VoIP for business is the obvious choice.

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The tangible benefits of using VoIP for business

Leverage useful features to help keep you in contact with your clients: VoIP features won't seem as important to you unless explained in a business context. What real estate, travel and HR agents have in common is the need to stay in constant communication with their clients. With effective features such as ring groups (a feature that allows incoming calls to be directed to several phone lines in a call group), callers can seamlessly reach any agent they need. Additionally, if the agent isn't available, the voicemail to email feature ensures your voice mail is electronically sent to your email so they can review it later.

Saves you money: 

VoIP offers features that a regular dial-up phone doesn’t or would cost extra to include. These features are included in your VoIP installation, free of charge. You will save significantly on your phone bill through quality network coverage. If you are frequently making long distance calls, VoIP for business will work out cheaper because you will pay a low, flat monthly fee, with unlimited calling.

VoIP offers unprecedented flexibility:

In any business, employees come and go, and the last thing you might want to think about is replacing phone extensions on a traditional line. But when you need to, you’ll soon realise it’s an unnecessary nuisance and expense. You’ll need to replace your entire phone system because all phones are individually connected to the Private Branch Exchange (PBX). VoIP, on the other hand, requires only one connection because it connects to the network independently. VoIP gives you the flexibility of using more than one device to make a call so long as your devices are Session Internet Protocol (SIP) enabled. SIP is a signalling protocol that controls multimedia sessions such as voice, video and instant messaging. Find out more about this by reviewing our Cloud Talk solution.

Outstanding voice quality:

VoIP has made strides in ensuring the quality of voice calls. Here at Ignite, we promise to uphold the quality of service (QOS) by putting the correct measures in place to favour VoIP traffic over other Internet traffic. For us to uphold this promise, you need to analyse whether your Internet connectivity service has the capacity to support QOS. Data and voice work in conjunction, so you won’t want to max out your existing service.

Improved call customer experience:

When a customer makes a phone call, they expect to speak to the right person promptly. VoIP includes a feature called Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that seamlessly redirects incoming calls. The system interacts with callers, gathers information and redirects the call to the appropriate recipient. For instance, a caller is interested in purchasing a product; they can be redirected instantly to the sales department after being voice-prompted to do so. By cutting out human error and unnecessary pauses between calls, you can create a smooth transfer and improve the overall caller experience.

Build a better communication platform today

VoIP offers small businesses compelling benefits on several levels. Among the distinct advantages is an increase in mobility and a decrease in call charges, two aspects that remain top of mind for a small business owner. Also, VoIP is a flexible and affordable technology that takes you into the future of business calling. You can make the calls that count and not worry about being disconnected, having dropped calls or cross talk. For more information, take a look at our Cloud PBX solution or download our cost comparison guide below. Make the switch, cut the cord and get Cloud PBX.

VoIP Cost Saving Comparison Guide