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Computers, light bulbs, radios; they all faced an initial period of unfamiliarity when they were introduced but have become part of our lives. Similarly, Internet telephone is increasingly becoming a part of a progression in business communication services. A strong VoIP foundation benefits your business in many ways, and whether you already have VoIP or are considering acquiring it, it’s useful to know what the advantages of this technology are.

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VoIP means saying hello over the Internet

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the transmission of voice and multimedia content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. VoIP is the technology used to deliver voice communications over the Internet. The technology means businesses can say goodbye to their dial-up phones and use Internet telephone system.Private branch exchange (PBX) hardware used to be the most expensive acquisition of a company’s fiscal year but virtual PBX is cheaper because the only upfront cost is the price of the phones. The importance of hone systems is obvious since they represent the livelihood of any business and it is essential that they cope with the demands of companies in the digital age. 

Are you using an outdated system?

You might be wary of the hassle of changing telephone systems but keeping legacy phones in your office is more expensive and less effective than an Internet telephone system. Businesses also find that keeping this system has its own set of problems: the technology is becoming obsolete, and they might well struggle to find the right people to maintain it. Besides, changing over is easier than you think, and here are some pointers for getting started with VoIP.

Planning phase

During the planning phase, research options for VoIP and find out which ones best suit your needs and pocket. It’s a good idea to think about what you need VoIP to do for you. Figure out what your main aims are. For example, would you like to update your equipment, drive down costs, improve voice service or improve productivity?

Developing a strategy

In this phase, you could look up Internet articles and books, white papers, etc. What specific functions will you need? Would you like to phase in VoIP or install it simultaneously throughout your business? Assess your network needs. Will you be transmitting voice, data, and video on the same infrastructure? You might require more bandwidth or updated equipment to ensure that this can be done effectively.

Choosing a VoIP provider

As with any other aspect of your business, you want a  VoIP provider who is reliable and experienced. The best provider for you will understand your needs and be able to respond to them. You might be inexperienced in this field, but the right provider will be able to use their expertise to advise you.

Getting ready to make the most of the Internet telephone

Before you migrate, be sure to list all of the numbers and lines that will have to be converted. Will staff require additional training so that they can make full use of the technology? Find out exactly what will be necessary so that you can continue without interrupting service. Testing on a single line will allow you to try out the new system on a small scale.