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Keeping abreast of the latest laws and regulations that affect how a business operates is an important and time-consuming task. Therefore, finding ways to ensure that you are able to identify and implement systems and procedures that help you to comply can greatly minimise the effort required to stay within the specifications of the law (and avoid hefty consequences).


One of the newest regulations that will affect every business that deals with customer information, the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, brings with it many stipulations governing how you should manage their personal information. And, as most modern businesses make use of online databases to store and manage client information, the technology you use becomes an invaluable part of complying with the Act. In this blog, we take a look at how making use of cloud backup can help ensure you adhere to POPI requirements as well as how Ignite’s data security solutions can assist.


What are the requirements for your small business to comply with the POPI Act?


The POPI Act is a complex collection of regulations that aim to hold businesses to account for the personal information they keep about private individuals. It requires information to be processed carefully and with the full consent of any person that provides a business with their private details. The punishment for not adhering is severe and can range from a hefty fine to possible imprisonment. And while large corporations have the manpower and financial resources to easily adapt and upgrade their systems to adhere to the POPI Act, you as a small business, need to consider alternative solutions to help ensure that your data networks are up to the legal standard.


Cloud backup your secret weapon to ensure POPI compliance


Spending your already limited budget on acquiring new storage hardware and further backups is not an option. And although you might have concerns about outsourcing your data management, the fact remains that cloud backup ensures not only ultimate data security, but also allows you to gain and control access to your business-critical data from anywhere at any time. Cloud backup also eliminates the risk of data loss due to natural disaster or human error. You always remain in control of how you manage your data without requiring the resources and technical know-how to maintain physical infrastructure on site –  a substantial time and cost saving.


Partner with Ignite and ensure that your data security is beyond reproach

Prevention is better than cure, and at Ignite our security and software solutions are designed to keep your valuable data safe to ensure optimal compliance with the POPI Act. Prevent customer data from falling into the wrong hands with our comprehensive cloud backup solution that includes automated backup scheduling, encryption and support. Our cloud backup solutions are also scalable so you can adjust the features and space you need as your data security needs change. Find out more about how our cloud backup can help with your unique business need by contacting us.


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