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Managing today’s high-volume business communications with yesterday’s systems prevents technology workers from matching their counterparts in flexibility. With the connected workforce demanding round-the-clock data and communication access, IT faces greater pressure to deliver business-enabling tech. 


Yet, email is contending with the rise of workforce collaboration platforms that offer alternative ways for teams to co-work. With remote workers, contingency staff and the gig economy transforming business models as we know them, we’ve now entered the era of business unusual.


Enter Hosted Premium Email from Ignite. Our flagship solution provides the perfect answer to the changing way that people connect and collaborate. Hosted Premium Email gives you the flexibility and robustness to stay in touch and complete more tasks. Here’s why more companies are ditching in-house mail servers for Ignite’s Hosted Premium Email.

Fast, secure, spam-free email

Hosted Premium Mail gives your business the comfort of knowing that every mailbox is kept secure by the latest anti-virus and anti-spamming software as are each of your users. Ignite’s team of security and email specialists work to ensure that all compliance standards for data privacy are met and that your email remains uninterrupted by spam and phishing attacks. We give our customers free, tamper-proof, 10-year, unlimited storage email archiving and offer advanced identity theft protection to all your users. Also be safe in the knowledge that your data is protected from physical threats in our high-security data centre.

Accommodate the entire business

Managing the requirements of an entire business is tricky with everyone from CEOs to receptionists needing access to the different resources. Hosted mail from Ignite makes managing the requirements of your business a seamless endeavour with an easy-to-use interface, round-the-clock support and the automation of various daily IT tasks that previously saw IT resources being misaligned and under-utilised.

Stay connected

From Blackberry Mail Services for Exchange to expired OWA certificates, connectivity and seamlessness weren’t always two sides of the same coin. Cloud hosted email services are banishing unsafe VPN connections by connecting users to their email from anywhere with any Internet-enabled device. With Hosted Premium Email, you get your email on any mail client, any operating system or smart device with no compromise on security without having to summon IT to your hotel room. What’s more, with 4G connectivity becoming the norm in all major cities and towns, your mobile mail experience is as reliable as being in the office.

Collaborate without limits

Include every key player in the conversation by keeping them in the loop. Hosted email provides shared calendars, contacts, tasks and access to archived data so teams have everything they need to work uninterrupted. Users also work seamlessly across devices thanks to automatic synchronisation between all connected devices. Our guaranteed uptime of 99.9% also means no downtime for unplanned updates or unforeseen disk failures. We ensure that your business keeps working 24/7.

Scale up while reducing spend

Hosted Email reduces capital investment in IT gear and software licensing while future-proofing business technology. In fact, companies that invest in Cloud hosted platforms typically see major reductions in the financial and staff overheads associated with keeping infrastructure and services ticking over. Its scalability also makes premium email for business a sensible way to address fluctuating resource requirements without saddling companies with paid-for, but unused user licences that rack up IT costs further.

Get connected and keep collaborating with Ignite

Ignite offers South African businesses the prime email and collaboration solution at the lowest price and the easiest migration options. With no upfront costs, a basic month-to-month contract and virtually no migration overheads, switching to the country’s leading email solutions provider is quick and simple. To find out how you can leverage the best in business communications in your organisation today.