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When we broach the subject of connectivity, it’s easier to ask what is not connected rather than what is. Every aspect of your small business relies on the strength and reliability of the digital communication between devices and the people responsible for carrying out tasks and – more importantly – your prospects and customers.


Wasted time equals wasted money. Ways of collaborating and communicating, such as endless email chains, telephone calls, spreadsheets and even sticky note reminders, are increasingly inefficient and time-wasting communication tools. It’s particularly challenging to effectively collaborate using these tools in the age of the “mobile worker”, who usually works remotely, is always on the run and who prefers to work off mobile devices. But there’s an easy solution to this challenge and it lies with choosing an excellent, inexpensive and flexible cloud-based solution from a cloud provider like Office 365 with Ignite. In fact, with the increased productivity Office 365 offers your business will most likely make money rather than lose it unnecessarily.

Office 365 streamlines collaboration

It’s not hard to see how a large chunk of an employee’s day is swallowed up by administrative and collaborative activities like attending meetings, emailing group documents and sending work updates. These things should logically take less time than anything else, but it often doesn’t end up that way. Office 365 offers Skype for Business and SharePoint, both designed to streamline collaboration and communication. Think shorter meetings with Skype for Business and the updating of co-authored documents on SharePoint in real time.

Office 365 is secure

A company owner’s worst nightmare is a data security breach. Despite being exposed, the costs of a security breach are often not budgeted for, compromising the business’ cash flow.  All data stored in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and SharePoint, however, can be secured with multi-factor authentication and not through an expensive and rigorous VPN solution.

Office 365 offers flexible licensing

Gone are the days when companies had to spend upfront fees on software licences. Now, licensing costs are determined per user and their unique requirements. Moreover, money is saved because a company needn’t have to commit to long-term contracts nor sign up for a minimum number of licences like they had to in the past. Office 365 lets customers pay per month, and licences can be swiftly added or taken away. In addition, before licence agreements expire, Ignite will inform companies of the best upgrade solution.

Office 365 reduces infrastructure costs

Should you select Office 365 for Business, expensive hardware infrastructure (central servers for example), is unnecessary. In the past, SharePoint would have required multiple high-powered services that sucked electricity and cost a fortune to fix when they malfunctioned. But now, all business streamlining and collaboration tools are housed in the cloud – a low-cost “location.”

The bottom line

Office 365 increases productivity, streamlines processes, improves efficiency and ensures secure data storage. These are all guaranteed to help you make money rather than cost money. Choosing Ignite as your cloud provider is your best solution. There’s migration and set-up assistance, 24/7 support and no contracting or licensing hassles. Book a demo today

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