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Every business owner dreams of finding a collaboration tool that solves all their daily headaches. The one that strikes a balance between flexibility, ease of use, reliability and affordability – and Office 365 is that solution. It combines all the Microsoft Office applications your workforce already knows and loves with the power of the Cloud.

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It’s no wonder that Office 365 is the most utilised business Cloud service by user count. It has transformed the way that workgroups in businesses of all sizes collaborate. Here’s everything it can do for your business.

Business mobility – check

Mobility is excellent for small businesses. It has the potential to reduce operational costs while increasing productivity, and the arrival of Cloud software has made it more practical to implement.

Office 365 is the ultimate collaboration tool. It’s designed for teams to get secure access to critical information wherever their work takes them. All that your employees need is a secure connection at their remote locations and they can make full use of the Office 365 suite of applications.

Data security – check

Data security can sometimes be an area of concern with Cloud platforms, but not with Office 365. Microsoft has several layers of security controls built into the interface that protect the integrity of your business data and your employees’ privacy. Your data is safer than ever thanks to OneDrive for Business’ 1TB of online storage space which allows you to schedule regular Cloud backups for disaster recovery.

Flexibility – check

Office 365 is available month-to-month, which is ideal for small businesses. With a wide range of packages to choose from, you’ll never feel like you’re restricted by the solution. There are no additional costs and it’s a fully scalable solution that can adjust to accommodate your business requirements with the growth of your company.

Calendaring – check

The best collaboration tools are the ones that organise your schedule while you work. Office 365 excels in this by synchronising your email, calendar and contacts. Any changes made to your contact information or calendar on one device are automatically applied across all your devices. Real-time device synchronisation ensures that you never miss a meeting and you’re never out of reach when co-workers and clients need you.

Unified communications – check

Microsoft Teams is a streamlined unified communications solution that integrates Office 365 applications, Google Drive and certain non-Microsoft products on one platform. Users can connect services such as Trello, GitHub, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zendesk, Twitter and YouTube. It allows workgroups to have structured conversations in the form of chats instead of email, while they collaborate on documents in real time, share files and manage workflows. It’s the ultimate collaboration advantage for teams of any size.

Shared mailbox – check

Office 365 includes a shared mailbox to which employees in workgroups and departments can have easy and secure access. Most businesses use distribution lists or mail forwarding to ensure that multiple workers have access to one stream of email correspondence, but neither of these options is particularly secure or convenient.

Office 365’s shared mailbox is a secondary mailbox that all employees with authorisation will have access to without having to remember an additional password.

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