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Remaining competitive in today’s business landscape often means embracing technologies that can unlock your ability to innovate.


Wise business owners should ask whether they are making the best use of available technologies to adequately meet the needs of their business, particularly when it comes to connectivity. Too many make the mistake of hanging onto a solution that puts them at a competitive disadvantage for years on end.

Over the past few years, fourth-generation LTE networks have blossomed, making this standard of connectivity more accessible and affordable. There are clear business benefits with the LTE connectivity provided by Ignite through Cell C.

Mobile 4G hotspot

The coverage area of LTE is extensive and includes countless locations that cannot currently be reached by fibre or DSL lines. For businesses in such locations, the arrival of LTE technology has been a blessing because it links them to a bigger world. Those who travel to such locations for business also benefit, and there is an added functionality that makes the LTE solution especially practical.

The Cell C LTE SIM card can be used in any LTE-enabled smartphone or tablet to create a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever the user happens to be, provided LTE coverage is available and the SIM matches the required size for the device. Simply inserting it into your device and activating the personal hotspot in your device’s settings will allow you to connect to high-speed 4G wireless Internet.  

Available packages

Ignite offers a choice in hardware to serve businesses of varying sizes with varying needs. A choice of two routers is available – the Huawei B315 is free, while the dual-band Huawei B618 is offered for R999. Terms and conditions do apply.

Those who already have one of the recommended Huawei routers need not buy a second router. They can choose the SIM-only LTE package and receive a free, unrestricted Cell C SIM card to use in any recommended device, delivered to their premises free of charge.

Three package sizes are available: 50GB for R349 a month, 100GB for R530 a month, and 200GB for R845 a month. The service can be topped up with additional data – from 1GB to 20GB – at any point through the Ignite payment gateway. Top-ups are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

The easy plug-and-play nature of the Cell C LTE solution setup, coupled with the mobility it affords, ensures agility for your business. It offers a speedy way to get connected, from clicking “buy” on Ignite’s online portal to a working connection in just a few days. LTE is an affordable solution that’s packed with value.

Visit our LTE product page to learn more and get connected.