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How do companies meet the challenge of keeping their email hosting technology up to date while ensuring that it’s cost-effective? Your business is only as cutting edge as its most outdated business solution.


As an SME, we constantly find ourselves evaluating our IT tools and their effectiveness. Is the storage capacity large enough? Is the tool secure enough? How will my team adapt to using this tool? Will it save time and money? Staying up to date is a big advantage because it allows your team to become more efficient, but it might also mean changing infrastructure that’s expensive and burdensome.


How do companies meet the ever-changing challenges of making their businesses competitive by ensuring their technology is up to date without incurring crippling costs? Many businesses keep their legacy infrastructure, including email hosting, operating for this reason. And although it keeps their business operations going, there are problems. Legacy infrastructure can’t be upgraded easily and is not compatible with the systems used by other businesses. These businesses have realised the need for more modern operating systems that are user-friendly and accessible through mobile devices.

Advantages of Hosted Premium Email

  • Using Hosted Premium Email is a convenient way to address some of the problems of replacing legacy infrastructure. In terms of costs, it can help you avoid making the large outlays on capital funding that are otherwise required. Refurbishing legacy infrastructure can require investments in hardware, licences and the costs involved with implementation. But with the Cloud, businesses can use shared infrastructure. Hosted Premium Email from Ignite does not carry any setup fees or upfront capital investment.


  • Hosting email on a company server used to be a standard practice, but it was limited in its ability to archive large amounts of data due to the server size. Hosted Premium Email is scalable, flexible, allows you to store up to 100GB of email and securely archives your email for 10 years. As your business grows and changes, your email functionality changes with it.


  • Synchronised mailboxes allow employees to access their emails through various devices (compatible with Android and iOS, desktop and mobile browsers), making them more productive.


  • Cloud mail services reduce the amount of IT management required to set it up and frees up your IT team.


  • Hosted Premium Email from Ignite is very secure and includes anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing and identity theft protection.


Hosted Premium Email from Ignite gives you complete control of your business email. It’s the only local, hosted mail solution that offers email hosting and archiving services on one platform. It’s compatible with all the devices and email platforms you already use and gives you access from anywhere at any time. You can free your business’s email from as little as R80 a month for 100GB storage space.




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