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Any business looking to achieve measurable success realises the importance of promoting efficiency and productivity through technology. The Internet forms the foundation of many businesses and this dependency can become a costly one if it isn’t effectively monitored.

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That’s why IT departments and Internet service professionals are crucial to safeguarding and guiding your business in the technological landscape while providing you with efficient Internet support.But the challenge many small business owners face is budget constraints and sometimes a professional IT department doesn’t align with the abilities or goals of a small business. It’s a decision small business owners have to make, sooner or later: to embrace Internet support, outsource to an Internet service or manage their own infrastructure.Why businesses need support 


 Because of limited resources, most businesses see reactive support more than they see proactive support. This means they request support after something has gone wrong instead of actively trying to prevent problems from occurring. While this seems to be an easy way to save costs, having 24/7 support available to you has the following benefits:



  • Saves you money in the long run by preventing costly setbacks;

  • Ensures that your network is reliable and effectively supports smooth business operations instead of slowing down operations;

  • Provides proper maintenance and support, which reduces network downtime and consequently improves productivity; and provides

  • More effective disaster recovery and faster response times in the event of a fire, network glitch, cyberattack or the like.


Network providers that have it all

According to an article on the Top 10 questions for choosing a network provider, “A key differentiator between network providers is how proactive they are in detecting and resolving faults and how much they invest in best-of-breed tools for automated detection, management and reporting of incidents.” In addition to being proactive, you also need to ask yourself what level of support they provide.A network provider that has the same approach to support as you do will help you to provide better services to your clients. At Ignite we strive to provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive support so that it’s easier for you to monitor, manage and secure your network. We understand that problems don’t just occur within office hours, that’s why our support is available to you 24/7.


Ignite also provides all the hardware and software you need to get your service up and running so that you start off with all the help you need. Whether it’s our business grade broadband fibre offering for super fast Internet access or our fast, yet affordable  capped DSL package, you’re provided with the support you need.