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Business growth can be extremely challenging. With so many core functions to consider while still keeping finances in check, information security software often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. As a business grows, so too does the amount of information that underpins essential processes. Keeping infrastructure and other essential resources updated to support expansion can have dire consequences on operations if the data that drives these processes comes under attack.


The information security software used to protect a database of a few dozen contacts and small-scale operations does not have the power to do the same for a substantially larger business infrastructure. Therefore, a comprehensive overview of the information security software is crucial to any businesses infrastructure growth plan.

The bigger the business, the bigger the risk

As a business grows and expands its operational capabilities, the information systems that drive the infrastructure and resources become more complex. As mentioned earlier, the larger the IT infrastructure of a business, the more attention must be given to securing this data. Business growth might also see the introduction of new processes that need to be governed by a completely different dataset – of which some of the information might be incredibly sensitive.

While a basic antivirus might have been sufficient to protect a small database containing little to no sensitive customer data, it won’t be able to stand up against a sophisticated cyber onslaught on a plethora of business-critical data brought about by sudden expansion. This scenario not only has crippling financial ramifications, but as we mentioned in a previous blog, could also get a business into serious trouble with consumer laws such as the POPI Act.

Invest in products that are scalable alongside the business needs

Managing and securing business data can be a time-consuming and costly undertaking, which makes it incredibly important that information security measures always be factored into any growth plans. One of the best ways to ensure that a business can keep up with data security needs, both financially and structurally, is to find a solution that allows information security software to scale up, or down, alongside the size requirements of the business.

Cloud backup is one of the most effective data storage and security solutions when it comes to scalability. Any good provider will offer you solutions that cater to the specific size and security requirements of the business, and offer flexibility in pricing and data storage size during times of growth. An onsite firewall is a business's first line of defence against any threats and therefore crucial to network security. Try to find a provider that offers you a firewall solution with the addition of more complex features such as a web filter, advanced threat reporting and routeing as the business data needs change.

Our range of cloud and security products have been designed to offer businesses comprehensive information security solutions at every stage of their development. From antivirus software, to firewall security and cloud storage, Ignite is the perfect partner for business scalability. To find out more about our comprehensive network security solution go ahead and download our IT guide here.

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