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Technology does more than just support business growth – it drives it too. Advances in technology have allowed businesses to open up revenue opportunities that were previously unheard of. Access to connectivity has empowered startups to overcome the barriers to entry so they can get their businesses off the ground much faster. 

The Internet offers untold possibilities. But staying at the forefront of innovation means you need superfast and stable connectivity with flexibility on usage policies and costs. Ignite Fibre delivers just that. So why is it essential for your business? We’re so glad you asked.


Your business needs Ignite Fibre to grow

 If you already have DSL and LTE for your business, you might not think you need Ignite Fibre, but connectivity has come a long way. Here are four reasons why you should use fibre:

 1. Everyone else is using it. The 2018 SME Survey showed that the number of SMEs that adopted Fibre had risen to 23% since 2015 when it was first introduced. Fibre is fast becoming the preferred standard and any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve is already using it to its full extent.

2. It won’t change with the weather. Fibre is more stable than copper connectivity. It’s not affected by the changes in weather or electromagnetic fields. Downtime can lead to a loss of valuable productivity and a Fibre connection reduces the chances of interruptions to your business.

3. Your cloud will thank you. Cloud computing is a significant business advantage and works best on a connection with high-capacity, low-latency bandwidth, like Fibre. You can have automated backups, support a mobile workforce and leverage a vast range of cloud-based apps to advance your business.  

4. It’s fast. Fibre is currently the fastest connectivity standard with speeds of between 5Mbps and 100Gbps. Slow Internet connectivity has been proven to cause a week of lost productivity every year which consistently fast Fibre can easily remedy.

Get your dose of Ignite Fibre

Ignite Fibre is your best bet for high-performance connectivity that’s up to any business challenge. We have partnered with Vumatel to offer you affordable Uncapped, Unshaped and uncomplicated Fibre connectivity. By liaising with Vumatel directly, we ensure that the service is provisioned seamlessly and that you only have one touchpoint to deal with. Ignite Fibre is available in three tiers that are structured to suit businesses and budgets of any size.

If you’re ready to equip your business with fast, reliable and affordable connectivity, order Ignite Fibre today.