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Ignite clients to enjoy a wider range of super-fast fixed mobile connectivity solutions

man with headphones working on a computer lte ignites wireless reach is expanding

Johannesburg, 09 February 2018 – Ignite, the internet and communication technology services provider focused on South African SMEs, has been announced as an official reseller of Cell C LTE services in South Africa.

This comes off the back of the recent announcement which saw Internet Solutions partnering with Cell C to expand the operator’s LTE services.

“LTE connectivity is an attractive proposition for SMEs that need fibre-like internet speeds, quick installation times as well as the flexibility of fast service set-up,” says Tony Koutakis, Executive Head of Ignite. “Cell C, a leading mobile network operator in South Africa, is the perfect addition to Ignite’s LTE portfolio because we can now offer our clients a much wider range of connectivity options tailored to their small to medium size business needs.”

Ignite clients will have access to Cell C’s LTE offering at the following monthly prices:

  • 50GB bundle - R349.00
  • 100GB bundle - R530.00
  • 200GB bundle - R845.00

These bundles are available as SIM-only options or can be purchased with a free Huawei B315 router. Ignite clients preferring a Huawei B618 router can purchase this for R999.00*.

RICA-compliant subscribers can migrate between packages, upgrade or downgrade from the beginning of a new month. If the monthly data cap is reached, the subscriber will be redirected to the Ignite web page payment gateway where they can top up their account with a data bundle ranging from 1GB to 20GB (valid for 30 days from the date of purchase)*.

Clients can expect average download speeds of up to 69Mbps dependent on their location and the coverage for that area.

“The ever-expanding Cell C LTE network is already prevalent across South Africa’s major centres and metropolitan areas. Ignite clients wanting the added advantages that an LTE network offers can quickly and seamlessly sign up for the Cell C packages and enjoy lighting fast connectivity that suits their business requirements and most importantly, their budgets,” says Koutakis.

For more information about LTE connectivity from Ignite, visit or contact

*Terms and Conditions to promotional offers apply

  • A R999 cancellation fee applies if the service is cancelled within six months of the purchase date. This applies to any LTE package purchased with a Huawei B618 or Huawei B315 router.
  • Top Up bundles are available in the following options:
    • 1GB – R12.50
    • 2GB – R25.00
    • 3GB – R37.50
    • 5GB – R62.50
    • 10GB – R125
    • 20GB – R250