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In business, change is unavoidable and rarely ever easy. Changing systems and infrastructure, especially, can cause business to grind to a halt if not done properly. When it comes to changing internet providers, there are a lot of preparations and considerations to be made to ensure a transition that isn’t too disruptive and doesn’t sabotage the running of business at the end of the day. This can be difficult in the modern age where most business operations rely on the internet – but it isn’t impossible. Hopefully, this blog can help your business make a smooth transition between internet providers.


Why switch?


There are several possible reasons for switching internet providers. Mainly, though, businesses outgrow their internet packages or faster and better infrastructure becomes available. This happens quite often for growing businesses as they take on more employees and broaden their business objectives.


Cost is another important consideration. The cost of connectivity gradually decreases over time and businesses have to re-evaluate their options so they can find the best deal.


Planning is key


The best way to guarantee a successful transition between internet providers is by having a clear and thorough plan in place. Make sure that your staff is informed well in advance of the switch and that they are aware of all the steps to expect during the change. Generally, this checklist should help maintain stability in your business through the process:


  • Keep your old connection for a short period after the switch. Maintain your old internet connection for a few days to a week after the transition until it’s clear that your new internet connection is stable won’t leave you in the dark.

  • Schedule the transition during an off-peak period. A weekend is the best possible time perform a transition since it will not interrupt regular business activities.

  • Change domain records. Talk to your new internet provider about updating your Domain Name Service (DNS) records so they aren’t lost in the switch.

  • Change mail exchange records. Your new internet provider can also help you update your mail exchange (MX) records if your old provider hosted your email accounts.

  • Update your router settings. Your routers should automatically be assigned IP addresses when connected to your new network, but your internet provider should also ensure that this happens.


Switch to Ignite


With Ignite you get the best performance and the freedom to choose your terms. All our DSL and fibre offerings provide rapid speeds and stable connectivity on month-to-month contracts. We can assist you with your transition and you can always reach out to us 24/7 with any technical support queries. Contact us now for more information.