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As an entrepreneur, society assumes that confidence is one of your inherent personality traits, and rightly so. The small business sector is one of the most competitive in the world economy with thousands of start-ups – just like yours – vying for their spot at the top. Big corporations have the advantage of a trusted and recognised brand along with a massive network of company resources to help build and sustain their reputation.  


Finding ways to look professional and establish yourself alongside the top dogs can be a challenging undertaking. But thankfully with the help of powerful and intuitive technology, you can create a professional and trustworthy reputation for your small business without costly investment in resources. In this blog, we take a look at some the most crucial aspects that determine business reputation and how technology can help boost your efforts in each area.

Up your marketing with the right tools

One of the first (and most influential) contact points with your business is your marketing. Everything, including your target audience, is online and if they can’t find you there and be converted by your online presence, it’s basically game over. It’s imperative to look professional on your digital marketing platforms. While social media sites like LinkedIn are a given, ensuring that your website and all of your digital content is on point and professional ensures that you stand out from the rest. Using a publishing tool to design your digital marketing material not only helps you to look professional, but also increases the possibility of conversions.

Ensure you have the best communication infrastructure in place

How you communicate within your small business and with your prospective customers can make or break your reputation. You should be reachable with a dedicated phone number and be able to communicate effectively via a secure email network. With voice over internet protocol (VOIP) technology, businesses no longer require a landline to receive calls, just a secure internet connection. Collaborative communication tools like video conferencing and Skype not only help to boost productivity, but also your professional profile with your new and existing clients.

Get the right business applications to enhance productivity

Nothing is more indicative of your competitiveness than how your business is able to deliver services and goods. To compete with your larger counterparts, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary systems and procedures in place to help optimise efficiency for better results. By implementing small business software and applications that help you track and manage all of the activities in your startup, you are able to troubleshoot faster and improve on any ineffective processes before they get to damage your reputation.

Microsoft Office 365 provides you with all of the tools and applications to manage and optimise all of the above-mentioned areas that are crucial for your small business to look professional. Design your own professional marketing documents with Microsoft Publisher to strengthen your business image. The Office 365 suite of applications offers you innovative communication systems such as VOIP, Lync and Skype for business to ensure you are always connected and that your messaging is carried over effectively.