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As the IT manager, you are the technical spokesperson of your company. It is your responsibility to monitor new technology and advise your business on how it can improve performance.


If your IT infrastructure has started to outgrow your current resource capacity, you ought to decide where it can be better managed. Data centres are designed to be flexible; companies can adjust their space requirement on request. That way you can quickly manage growth without hampering the productivity of your company. This blog will provide you with concrete reasons why your business can benefit from using a data centre.  

Access to a reliable and secure infrastructure

SMEs can rent space in a data centre at an affordable cost. The fee gives you access to a high-performing infrastructure that already has the right equipment installed and Internet connectivity in place. The data centre has other services including efficient cooling, security systems and regular maintenance and updates.

Some companies may be reluctant to host their IT infrastructure in the Cloud. They may fear losing control but think of the security risk of theft if you keep valuable information stored on a computer. In a recent incident, burglars broke into the office of the Chief Justice and stole 15 computers containing sensitive information. If this information were hosted in the Cloud, we would have been able to authenticate the users that access the critical data. With this measure in place even if the machines were stolen, access to the data would have been impossible as no data is stored on the physical device.  

Efficient IT support

When you house your IT infrastructure with Ignite, on-site professionals personally see to your hardware. We make sure functionality is optimal. If you suspect something is wrong on your side, you can reach out to us and someone can check it for you, without you having to pay a personal visit to the data centre. This setup is done to ensure that you can focus on other areas of the business. At Ignite, we work behind the scenes to keep your business running. We use our technical knowledge to sort out errors quickly and efficiently.



Fixed contracts can be an inconvenience during company growth and change. With us, your IT infrastructure responds to your business’ needs and fluctuations. Because your business is growing – you want the flexibility to get work done wherever you choose. You accomplish this by provisioning all resources to increase and decrease as and when required. This ability is a valuable tool, especially when businesses experience an increase in workload during specific times for example during month-end reporting. All that’s required is a quick phone call to increase capacity temporarily. This avoids the use of an oversized data centre infrastructure from being underutilised.  

Increased productivity

Data centres are an essential element of providing a secure information backup, storage or running applications, in other words, creating a centralised IT structure that ties together applications, data and devices. Cloud applications allow your employees quick and easy access to a shared pool of computing resources, collaborating in this way will improve your business operations. On the other hand, productivity is hampered when tasks are created outside of a shared resource. It creates limits, areas of frustration and risks regarding access, controls and using a variety of tools not everyone in the team utilises.

To fulfil your IT requirements, make data centres a top priority. They are a critical element of providing IT peace of mind. Data centres stabilise the functioning of your business. Without one, operational interruptions could cause significant downturn and reputational damage. According to the PwC 20th CEO survey, 78% of the surveyed members of public reported that IT disruptions cause them to lose trust in companies. Switching from an in-house data centre to one hosted by us means you will see a marked improvement in operational efficiency.

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