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A service provider that offers flexible Internet packages is an attractive option for businesses with changing needs. There are many reasons why you’d want to invest in a connectivity package that suits your business requirements; flexibility is one of them.

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Cost and time are also vital considerations. But finding a provider that sincerely appraises all of your Internet connectivity needs – and provides solutions to meet them – that’s what guarantees that you’ll get what you need.

You don’t want the cost of dodgy, one-size-fits-all deals and Internet connectivity downtime reflecting on your balance sheet. In this blog, we look at the benefits of working with us, a supplier that has flexible connectivity packages that allow you to adjust your package as your business’ needs change. Here are the main points you need to consider:

The number of people and the growth of your SME

Investing in tools for growth is one of a business’ biggest considerations. But being tied into a 24-month or fixed-term Internet package doesn’t give you any flexibility. There’s no room to move. A flexible solution means you can implement measures and use software that fits, and grows with you, right from the start.

Ignite’s flexible connectivity packages allow you to easily make changes to your Internet service or suite of tools, whenever that’s required. Flexibility, reliability and simplicity were top of mind when we built our business solutions. We don’t tie you into a contract, and you can increase or decrease your usage as you need to. After all, you’re the boss.

Internet usage and the connection

If you operate from your office, have a small workforce and mostly meet with clients face-to-face, a simple Internet connection might be suitable for your requirements.
But as soon as you start introducing remote collaboration, online retail and customer data storage – you’ll need to look into a range of connectivity solutions.
Ignite offers several Internet packages. They allow you to implement the necessary tools to communicate effectively, according to your specific usage needs, and to switch between services and the size of the data package.

Workforce mobility and productivity products

As discussed in one of our previous blogs, the mobile workforce is an invaluable asset and providing the best infrastructure to support remote working should be part of your Internet package. Again, not all service providers cater to your unique requirements, and you may end up having multiple service providers to cater for your team’s needs.

At Ignite we have an array of products built for small businesses. You can build a package for your business that combines various connectivity products, such as a DSL connection for your home office, fibre package for the office and 3G connection for on the go. You can determine the requirements of your mobile workforce and purchase only the products you need to help sustain a productive online working environment. This reduces the number of suppliers and saves time and costs.

Get an Internet package that suits you

We understand that businesses have their unique requirements when it comes to Internet connectivity.

At Ignite, there are no long-term commitments and services can be combined to best suit your business needs. Our plug n play solutions are self-service orientated with competitive prices that put you in control. And our 24/7 support means there is always someone available to help you at a moment’s notice.We’re serious about our promise to ensure Simplicity, Flexibility and Reliability so you can focus on your business. Contact us directly to discuss your unique business needs.