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Increasingly businesses across the globe are onboarding voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), an innovative technology that lets you do everything you were able to do with your existing phone system, but with some added benefits. Those who are still looking to replace their old system with VoIP have the freedom to choose a solution completely aligned with the needs and vision of their business. At Ignite we offer Cloud PBX as well as Cloud Talk, but how does one go about determining which one is best for your business?

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Determine your business’ needs

First, assess your business’ unique needs. Identify the existing infrastructure such as your phone system and private branch exchange (PBX). Will you stay connected with your existing broadband or will you use a new, dedicated VoIP line? After this, establish what your business needs are. Think about how much projected growth is possible and what kind of communication solution can complement it. For example, how many telephone extensions will you need?

Choose based on your needs

There is no standard system that will suit every business, so you have to choose based on your needs. Consider the number of extensions you require and the growth you expect in team numbers. If you have a SIP-enabled PBX, Cloud Talk is the way to go. You can use the old system as a foundation for your VoIP solution. If you’re a new business with no infrastructure, you’ll need a complete solution: and that’s Cloud PBX.

Let the experts help you

Ignite understands that every business is different and knows that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to VoIP solutions. That’s why we consult with each client. Our solutions are affordable and can easily adapt to your business.

Understanding the difference

Cloud PBX and Cloud Talk are VoIP solutions that give you high-quality calls and affordable per-second billing. Our team is well equipped to help you identify your needs and the corresponding solution.

Cloud PBX is a comprehensive solution for your startup or SME. Cloud PBX gives you everything you need during the initial setup. It is IP-based and provides basic IVR (interactive voice response), ring groups, voicemail to email, call waiting, call conferencing and a client management interface.

Cloud Talk is a system that is built, delivered and managed by Ignite. Using your existing PBX infrastructure means there is no need to set up a new one. It is available in two packages for your growing business: CloudTalk Standard and CloudTalk Premium. The Standard package provides prepaid VoIP service online via the Ignite portal. CloudTalk Premium charges a monthly fee for services and calls. This solution also gives you access to extra features such as detailed reports of all calls and charges as well as international call blocking or call forwarding.

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