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With growth being the primary priority of business owners, many have realised the important role of virtualisation technology in supporting business growth. Employing the appropriate tools in your business will better support business operations while maintaining and improving productivity.

“Virtualisation in computing often refers to the abstraction of some physical component to a logical object. By virtualising an object, you can obtain some greater measure of utility from the resource the object provides. For example, virtual LANs (local area networks), or VLANs, provide greater network performance and improved manageability by being separated from the physical hardware,” says Matthew Portnoy, author of Virtualization Essentials.

Business owners across various industries agree the benefits of a virtual server are undeniable. However, it stretches beyond network performance and benefits other areas of your business as well. Ignite offers hosting solutions including Cloud servers. This could support your business operations in the following ways.

  • Server consolidation

    The strength of a virtual server can achieve up to 10:1 virtual to physical machine consolidation, meaning 10 server applications can be run on a single machine that would usually have required the same number of physical computers. Your hosting provider will optimise server utilisation and legacy software can keep old OS configurations while you run newer applications on your virtual machines.

  • Business continuity

    All our solutions are designed to keep you connected and we manage the hardware so you don’t need to worry about being disconnected due to physical complications in your office. Should there be an accidental fire or power outage, we keep our machines running with a UPS so that you still have instant access to our top end servers, all the applications, and data.

  • Flexibility

    Business operations change as your business grows. The number of employees increases, they require more business applications, you may even adopt new systems like VoIP, and all of these things require different things of a server. Ignite offers you multiple solutions on monthly contracts, giving you the ability to adjust these solutions as your business needs change. You can add or remove products and services as you go along.

  • Cost-effective convenience

    To effectively support business growth, your business operations shouldn’t cost more than they need to. Fortunately, our Cloud hosting solutions are economical because you don’t need to take on the extravagant expense of purchasing and maintaining a server and we provide support as well, eliminating the need for a dedicated IT person.

Various solutions to suit your business needs

Ignite provides hosting solutions to effectively support the business operations of various kinds of businesses. Our Cloud hosting solution is ideal for smaller businesses that want to use a small portion of a server while also maintaining some control over their data and storage. Our hosting solutions give you high performing top-end servers, the convenience of a hosted solution, as well as the ability to scale your solution each month with our month-to-month subscriptions. We use an online management portal to allow clients to login from anywhere and perform minor server changes. 

If you’re not sure where to start, read through our guide to cloud server hosting

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