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What are the differences between wireless and fibre Internet options? Ignite offers a holistic suite of connectivity solutions, but which one is best for you? This blog unpacks each solution and how to best assess your business needs to see which one you require.


Fibre is the fastest and most reliable solution and Ignite's Fibre, powered by Vumatel, provides great Internet speeds of up to 200Mbps. Our solutions are Uncapped and Unshaped with no Fair Usage Policy and a choice of packages – namely Startup, Business or Premium Business Park – each offering a range of speeds to suit the connectivity needs of any business. Through our partnership with Vumatel, Ignite Fibre provides a connectivity solution for a simplified fibre infrastructure setup that ensures optimal performance and minimal hassle.


The Ignite Fibre Startup package provides a tailored solution to suit the specific connectivity requirements of your start-up, with an Uncapped and Unshaped line that includes everything you need to get up and running. As an Asymmetrical connection, download speeds are prioritised, for example downloading your email, accessing your Cloud accounting software or simply downloading media and other content from the Internet.


Our Business package, an Uncapped and Unshaped line, provides equal upload and download speeds to cater for dynamic business usage requirements. This could include uploading high resolution design files to a Cloud storage repository, sending email or uploading new code onto your website whilst simultaneously balancing the Internet download requirements from your finance team as they access your Cloud-based accounting package to meet their month-end deliverables. With the Business package, you can choose to upgrade your router from the standard Zyxel 3625 to the heavier-duty Zyxel 3300, add a WiFi extender and a static IP Address for easy and reliable network accessibility.


Alternatively, if your business is located in a business park with Vumatel fibre, our Premium Business Park package – an Uncapped, Unshaped and Symmetrical connection – will provide everything you need to serve your business requirements. This package also offers the choice to upgrade to the Zyxel 3300, add a WiFi extender and a static IP Address.


While LTE is not quite as fast as fibre, it is wireless so we recommend it to businesses that don’t have fibre in their area or those businesses that require more flexibility in terms of their workspace, as a home office solution, or to allow flexibility for you to work from home when you need to. LTE has a wide coverage area with high-speed wireless connectivity to locations that were previously out of reach. LTE gives small businesses up to 50Mbps in download speeds without the additional costs involved in installing, configuring and managing connectivity devices.


Ignite’s business LTE leverages the Cell C network; broadening our connectivity coverage and giving you more choice when seeking a solution that balances your budget and business requirements. Our expanded reach is yours to leverage. Some of the benefits of LTE include more flexible connectivity as a fixed wireless connectivity solution, fast turnaround times, less hardware and installation complexity, and ultimately a budget-friendly solution.


When considering your wireless and fibre Internet options, you will ultimately have to weigh the cost with the benefits to decide which one best suits your business requirements. View Ignite’s connectivity solutions. We can help you whatever your needs.